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Full Length Plays

Nurse Cadden

4-6 W, 2 M

Everyone living in mid-century Dublin knows Mamie Cadden — she’s the boorish woman who motors around the city in her bright red sports car. She also happens to be a notorious backstreet abortionist who profits off the secrets of Dublin’s most powerful men. When the body of pregnant Helen O’Reilly is found dumped outside of Mamie’s flat, the infamous nurse is sentenced to hang. Can a Divine intervention save Nurse Cadden’s soul before it’s too late?

  • Commissioned by The Vagrancy for their 2019 Blossoming Festival

  • Semi-finalist, 2020 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference 

A Banshee Killed My Boyfriend 

4W, 3M

Fiona and Gemma are best friends and amateur witches who are tired of getting screwed over by mortal men.  While trying to conjure up the perfect boyfriend, the girls unwittingly screw up the entire metaphysical world, stranding banshees, seal women, and other magical (and pissed off) beings on Earth.  

  •   Selected for the 2019 Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska

Based on a salacious true story, this hard-boiled noir follows the scandal that erupts when film star Evelyn Hart's name is found in a call girl's little black book. Her manager hopes hiding out in her home town of Scranton will save her career, but the past Evelyn ran from is harder to shake off than Scranton coal dust.

  • Workshop Production, 2013 New Works Festival, Carnegie Mellon University

The Scranton Siren

3 W, 3M

Selected Short Plays

Mod Party

1 W, 2 M

What would you do if David Bowie told you that the love of your life was a loser? 

  • Production - Actor's Theatre of Louisville, 2013

  • Winner - KCATCF Region II Ten Minute Play Award, 2013

  • Reading - KCATCF Region II Festival, 2013

Manifest Destiny

1 W, 4 M

Manifest Destiny is the Pioneer Drag Queen of the Wild West. When the dastardly sheriff steals her razor, Manifest must use ALL of her feminine wiles to get it back. 

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